Puraply®AM is a unique wound management product. It is a skin substitute (graft) intended to treat hard-to-heal wounds.

What Does Puraply®AM Do?

Puraply®AM is an antimicrobial wound matrix. An antimicrobial is an agent that kills disease-carrying microorganisms. A matrix is a framework providing structure for cells and blood vessels to remodel a wounded site. Puraply®AM combines these two components to provide a sustained antimicrobial barrier to defend wounds between debridements, and support the wound’s healing environment. It also eliminates the need for patients to change wound dressings at home.

Puraply®AM comes in sheets of purified native collagen that is embedded with a chemical compound that kills dangerous microorganisms. According to Organogenesis (the maker of Puraply®AM) a Real-World Effectiveness Study of Puraply®AM has shown evidence of:

  • Improving the wound bed condition
  • Reducing the wound area, depth and volume
  • Achieving wound closure in many wounds in the study by 12 weeks
  • Achieving wound closure in all wounds in the study with a median time of 17 weeks

How Does Puraply®AM Work?

In a wound’s early stages, the unique components of Puraply®AM create an ideal foundation for wound care by:

  • Maximizing the surface area with a layered matrix
  • Strengthening the matrix’s bonds to reduce degradation
  • Destroying bacteria without damaging cells that promote wound healing
  • Controlling regrowth of biofilm (which triggers a chronic inflammatory response that delays healing)

Why Would I Need Puraply®TM?

Weekly debridement alone cannot always control microbial growth or the reformation of biofilm in certain wounds. Biofilm is a thin, slimy film of bacteria which adheres to the surface of a wound. Debridement can remove biofilm, however it can rapidly grow back and prevent the wound from healing.

However, the combination of Puraply®TM and debridement can provide an effective defense against biofilm redeveloping, and move the wound out of the inflammatory phase.

What Kind of Wounds Does Puraply®AM Treat?

Puraply®AM can be used in the management of both chronic and acute wounds whether they are partial or full-thickness:

  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Venous ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Surgical wounds
  • Trauma wounds

How Is Puraply®TM Applied?

The application of Puraply®AM is a simple process. Your podiatrist will:

  1. Cleanse and debride the wound to remove any debris and dead tissue
  2. Cut the Puraply® sheet to size and apply it to the wound, where it will attach itself
  3. Hydrate with saline and press with a sterile cotton swab to ensure consistency
  4. Cover with a non-adherent dressing and secure it along the outer edges
  5. Cover and wrap the with gauze

Puraply® can be re-applied weekly, or at the discretion of your podiatrist.

Puraply®TM is a safe, effective, wound management tool. Talk to your podiatrist for more information, or to see if your wound may benefit from using Puraply®TM.

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