Mansky Podiatry offers comprehensive fall prevention services to elderly patients who are at risk of falling. Through a comprehensive fall assessment and a variety of podiatric interventions, Dr. Mansky can help these patients reduce their risk of falling, and also help extend their ability to live independently.

Foot health is critical to maintaining balance and mobility. Dr. Mansky will first conduct a physical examination of the patient, followed by a biomechanical assessment and possibly diagnostic imaging tests to analyze the patient’s foot and ankle structures and evaluate how well they function and work together.

Any immobility, pain, or dysfunction will be identified and treated. Dr. Mansky may also prescribe special footwear, custom orthotics, or other devices-such as a balance brace-to help improve the patient’s mobility, reduce pain, and lessen the patient’s risk of a fall.

In addition, Dr. Mansky may give the patient gentle exercises and stretches to help build muscle strength and increase flexibility in the feet, ankles, and lower legs, which can further improve mobility and balance.

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